Current order production wait time is 8-10 weeks, plus shipping time. **LARGE/FREQUENT ORDERS CAN TAKE UP TO 18 WEEKS, DEPENDING ON ORDER SIZE AND MY WORK LOAD.** PLEASE NOTE: As a result of the continued rise in precious metal prices, I am having to raise my prices. I am so very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but please know that this is out of my hands.


What is your order production wait time?

All Armored Supply Co items are made to order when order is placed. Please see the yellow highlighted message at the top of each webpage on our website for current order production wait times.
We're committed to getting your purchase to you, but sometimes mail can take longer to arrive depending on delays at customs, adverse weather conditions, errors within the postal service or other reasons beyond our control. It is recommended to purchase shipping insurance with your jewelry purchase in case of any potential issues with your shipment. This can be added to your shipping during checkout.


Can I use Armored Supply Co photos on my website?

Unfortunately, due to problems in the past with this sort of thing, photos belonging to Armored Supply Co are only to be used by Armored Supply Co. All photos are owned by Armored Supply Co and should not be used without express written consent from Armored Supply Co.


Why am I being charged customs fees?

Customers from outside of the US may have to pay customs fees to their postal carrier or customs agency. Please understand that Armored Supply Co has nothing to do with any customs fees owed to your customs agency or country. This is a local law within your country. For any customs fees inquiries, please contact your local customs agency or postal service.


I'm being charged customs/VAT charges. Can you change the value on the form?

Simply put, no. A customs form is a legal form in the United States and it is against the law to falsify or change information on any legal documentation. It is punishable by law with fines up to $10,000, plus jail time. Do not ask us to do this! Armored Supply Co doesn't determine any VAT fees. This is something that is charged by your local customs agency and/or your country's postal service. Please contact them with any questions regarding customs/VAT fees.


Does Armored Supply Co accept returns or exchanges?

Because each piece is made according to the customer's specifications, there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES on any items I offer unless it is an error on my part. If Armored Supply Co made an error on an order, customer MUST contact me within one business day of the tracking showing as delivered. If an error was made on my part, I will gladly repair any errors.

You are welcomed to contact me with questions about an item if you ordered the wrong size. We may be able to resize an item for an additional fee.


Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes, we offer wholesale discounts exclusively on our website! Visit for more information on this!


Do you offer rush service?

At this time, due to my current workload, I am not offering any type of add-on rush service. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.



Are the silver items real silver?

YES! We use .925 sterling silver for all our silver items!


What is gold-filled? Is that the same as gold plated?

Gold-filled is actually much better than gold plated! Gold plated begins to have the gold layer flake off. You won't have that problem with gold-filled! Gold-filled is a much less expensive option than solid gold. Gold-filled is beautiful and long-lasting. All of our gold-filled items are 14k gold-filled.


Do the Armored Supply Co. products come stamped with .925 sterling silver or 14k gold?

No, in the United States it is not required for a jeweler to stamp a piece of jewelry with a quality/fineness stamp (ex: .925 or 14k). By federal law, in addition to the quality/fineness stamp, the jeweler must stamp the metal with its federally registered trademark. Since Armored Supply Co does not currently have a registered trademark stamp, we cannot stamp a piece of jewelry with a quality/fineness stamp.

More information on this can be found here:



Do you do custom orders?

Depending on our workload and the type of custom order you have in mind, we may be able to! Send us a message via the contact form on the lower right corner. Please include photos/drawings and as much info as possible on the type of custom order you're wanting. Please note: At this time, we are not offering any custom bezel sizes.


How do I know what ring size I need?

If you don't know what your ring size there are guides online to help you determine ring size. I also sell reusable ring sizers in my shop, which can be found here:


My jewelry item is tarnished and/or my finger turned green from it. Why is that?

Sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with chemicals found in air and produce tarnish; high moisture levels, exposure to sunlight and contaminants such as salt water increase this reaction. Others use lotions or have a high skin acidity that can cause skin or rings to turn colors. Tarnish on metal can also rub off of the jewelry and onto the skin, causing a discoloration of the skin. Armored Supply Co silver is 92.5% sterling silver (standard silver purity). It has 7.5% copper (standard for sterling silver jewelry). Some people can have an allergic reaction to the small amount of copper in the jewelry. Gold-Filled, copper, and brass can also tarnish as described above. Tarnished can be easily cleaned and removed using a jewelry polishing cloth.


How do I polish my jewelry?
Precious metals such as sterling silver and gold-filled tarnish naturally. There are several ways of getting your jewelry back to it's beautiful luster. A couple of these are as follows: You can clean your jewelry with warm water and mild soap (Dawn is a great one). You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth to clean jewelry pieces. Polishing cloths can be purchased here:


Do you offer shipping insurance?
Yes I do! You can upgrade your shipping option during checkout to include insurance. Please note that Armored Supply Co is not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged items or packages if shipping insurance is not purchased for your item(s). By adding shipping insurance to your purchase, your item(s) and package will be covered in the event it is lost/stolen/damaged/delayed. Shipping insurance must be added to an order at the time of checkout and cannot be added after an order is placed.


What if I ordered the wrong size or item?

Due to each item being custom made at the time your order was placed, we do not accept exchanges or refunds. However, we may be able to resize a ring or change out a bezel size, for an additional fee. If you have received your order and discovered that the size you ordered is no longer the size you need, we may be able to resize it for you. Send us a message to inquire about this. Fees will vary depending on what we are doing with the item. A small shipping fee for the re-shipment will apply. Please keep in mind that not all items will be able to be resized or altered due to how it is made.


Sterling silver jewelry is made from quality 92.5% silver and CAN tarnish over time depending on moisture in the air, perfumes, lotions, skin acidity, and many other factors. Precious metals may be polished to restore the shine. The same can happen with gold-filled, copper, and brass items. A quick clean with a jewelry polishing cloth can help to remove tarnish from jewelry items.

To sustain the look of your new jewelry it is best to avoid wearing pieces while sleeping or anytime spent in water, this also includes silver and gold jewelry. All jewelry needs to be handled with much care to retain the original look of the piece.