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Gold Filled 3 Prong Claw Raw Stone Pendant Blank, Wholesale Blanks, Rose Gold Pendant, Pendant, DIY Jewelry, Gold Blank, Jewelry Supplies
Gold Filled 3 Prong Claw Raw Stone Pendant Blank, Wholesale Blanks, Rose Gold Pendant, Pendant, DIY Jewelry, Gold Blank, Jewelry Supplies

Gold Filled 3 Prong Claw Raw Stone Pendant Blank

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3 Prong Gold Filled Claw Pendant Blank

This listing is for one gold-filled claw pendant blank.

This pendant is made of high quality gold-filled materials. Use this pendant blank to set your own raw stone or other stone to make your own pendant!

The pendant is made from your choice of rose gold-filled or yellow gold-filled and is sturdy enough to hold a small or large stone! Prongs can be either 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.25", or 1.5" long. Prong length is from the center of the prong setting to the end of each prong. The prong with the bail on it will be the same length as prongs. If you need it longer/shorter, please message me before placing order.

(For longer prong lengths, please message me for a custom listing)

You can choose to have your pendant made from 16g or 18g gold-filled (16g is a thicker,sturdier option).

Simply choose your prong length, gauge size, and metal type option from the drop down menu.

These pendants come with the prongs flat so that you can form the prongs around your stone as you wish!

These pendant blanks are handmade by me in my private studio and are made when ordered. They will be polished to a high shine and ready for you to set your own stones!



Do these claw settings come with stones?
No they don't. These are only the blanks to be used with your own stones.

What types of stones can you use in claw settings?
One of the great thing about our claw settings is that you can use a variety of stones in these settings! We've had customers use things like cabochons (flat back stones), raw stones, tumbled rocks, custom-made stones, and even faceted stones!

How do I know what prong length I need?
In order to determine the prong length, you will need to know the dimensions of your stone, including the shape of the stone, the diameter, and height of the stone.
Round stone 1" diameter,1/4" tall (wall height).
Measure from the center of the stone, which gives you a measurement of 1/2".
Add the wall height of 1/4", then add a little extra for the prongs to wrap around the top (maybe an extra 1/4" for a stone this size). You would need 1" prongs for a stone this size.

What prong thickness (gauge) should I get?
Armored Supply Co offers prongs in three different thicknesses.
20 gauge (.08 mm) great to use with smaller stones.
18 gauge (1 mm) works well for just about any stone!
16 gauge (1.3mm) is recommended for larger stones.


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